Sterling Silver Charms
Mothers Bracelets and Personalized Jewelry by Cherished Time Designs.  Mother's Bracelets, Grandmothers Bracelets, Baby Name Bracelet and Childs Bracelet with Names. Personalized Wedding Keepsakes and Bridal Party Gifts. Add us to your Favorites List!

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5 stars
Name Bracelets

I ordered 3 custom bracelets for Christmas gifts and they came out absolutely beautiful. I was also very happy at how fast I got them considering how close to Christmas it was getting. I highly recommend taking a look at the Cherished Time Designs website. It is amazing what you can create and they make it very easy for you. Thank you so much !!!!!

5 stars
Name Bracelets

I've lost count of the beautiful pieces I've purchased from Cherished Time Designs and every single person has absolutely loved their unique design. I bought one for my Mom in 2006, added to it as our family grew and then my she had it lost/stolen in Vegas. I was able to replace it for her this Mother's Day with Michelle's help. It brought her to tears. I also got my daughter her first one representing her and her son...she loves it. It just made our Mother's Day even more special. Thank you!

From Single Strand: $53
to Five Strands: $225.00
In stock

Sterling Silver Charms

ABC Apple Charm
Sterling Silver ABC Apple Charm
$ 8.00
Anchor Charm in .925 Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver Anchor Charm
$ 8.00
Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil Angel Charms
Sterling Silver Angel with Halo and Heart
$ 10.50
Angel Word Charm - Scroll or Text
Sterling Silver Angel Scroll Charm
$ 8.00
Aunt - Heart Charm
Sterling Silver "AUNT" Heart Charm
$ 10.00
Awareness Ribbon
Sterling Silver Awareness Ribbon Charm
$ 7.00
Baby Bottle Charm
Sterling Silver Baby Bottle Charm
$ 9.00
Baby Carriage Charm
Sterling Silver Baby Carriage Charm
$ 11.00
Baby Shoes Charm
Sterling Silver Baby Shoes Charm
$ 10.00
Baby - Birth Certificate Charm
Sterling Silver Birth Certificate Charm
$ 8.00
Dance - Ballerina Charm
Sterling Silver Ballerina Charm
$ 10.00
Dance - Ballet Slipper Charm - Dancer Gifts!
Sterling Silver Ballet Slipper Charm
$ 8.00
Basketball Charm
Sterling Silver Basketball Charm
$ 11.00
Best Friend Charm - Text
Sterling Silver Best Friend Charm
$ 10.00
Special Friend - Text
Sterling Silver Special Friend - Text Charm
$ 10.00
Heart - Best Friends - Comes in One OR Two Pieces - Perfect for your Best Friends Bracelet!!!
Sterling Silver Best Freinds Heart - Two halves
$ 10.00
Butterfly Charms
Sterling Silver Butterfly Charms
$ 7.00
Cat Charm
Sterling Silver Cat Charm
$ 12.00
Cell Phone Charm
Sterling Silver Cellular Phone Charm
$ 8.00
Champagne Glasses Charm
Sterling Silver Champagne Glasses Charm
$ 8.00
Cheerleader Charm in .925 Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver Cheerleader Charm
$ 8.00
Cheerleading Megaphone Charm
Sterling Silver Cheerleading Megaphone Charm
$ 12.00
Christmas Charms
Sterling Silver Christmas Charms - Snowflake, Wreath and Pointsettia
$ 9.00
Claddagh Charm
Sterling Silver Claddagh Charm
$ 7.00
Courage Heart Charm
Sterling Silver Courage Heart Charm
$ 8.00
Cousin Charm
Sterling Silver COUSIN Charm
$ 8.00
Cross Charm
Sterling Silver Cross Charm
$ 8.00
Cross With CZ Crystal - Sterling Silver Charm
Sterling Silver Cross Charm with Clear CZ Detail
$ 9.00
Daddy's Little Girl / Mommy's Girl Charm
Sterling Silver Daddy's Little Girl / Mommy's GirlCharm
$ 10.00
Daughter Heart Charm - Sterling Silver Daughter Heart Charm
.925 Sterling Silver Heart Daughter Charm
$ 8.00
Daughter in Law Charm - Heart in Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver Daughter in Law Charm
$ 12.00
Diploma Charm in .925 Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver Diploma Charm
$ 9.00
Dog Bone Charm
Sterling Silver Dog Bone Charm
$ 7.00
Dog Charm
Sterling Silver Dog Charm
$ 7.00
Driver's License Charm in .925 Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver Driver's License Charm with Tiny Key
$ 8.00
Faith Word Charm in .925 Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver Faith Charm
$ 9.00
Family Charms
Sterling Silver Family Charms
$ 9.00
First Communion
Sterling Silver First Communion Charm
$ 9.00
Flower Pot Charm
Sterling Silver Flower Pot Charm
$ 7.00
Football Player Charm in Sterling Silver
Football Player Charm in Sterling Silver
$ 9.00
Gardening Trowel Charm
Sterling Silver Gardening Charm
$ 8.00
God Mother Charm
Sterling Silver God Mother Charm
$ 12.00
Golf Ball and Tee Charm
Sterling Silver Golf Ball and Tee Charm
$ 6.00
Graduation Cap Charm
Sterling Silver Graduation Cap Charm
$ 10.00
Graduation Cap with Diploma
Sterling Silver Graduation Cap and Diploma Charm
$ 9.00
Grand Daughter Charm
Sterling Silver Grand Daughter Charm
$ 8.00
Grandma Charm - #1 Grandma Heart Charm
Sterling Silver #1 Grandma Heart
$ 12.00
Gymnastics Charm in .925 Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver Gymnastics Charm - Beam and Handstand
$ 8.00
Happy Birthday - Cake Charm
Birthday Cake Charm in Sterling Silver - Says Happy Birthday
$ 10.00
Heart and Key Charm
Sterling Silver Heart & Key Charm
$ 7.00
Sister Charm - Heart Big Sis ~ Heart Lil Sis
Sterling Silver BIG SIS and LIL SIS Heart Charms
$ 7.00
Heart - Etched Design
Sterling Silver Etched Heart Charm
$ 9.00
Heart - It's a Boy - It's a Girl
Sterling Silver Heart Charm with either "It's a Boy" or "It's a Girl"
$ 8.00
Love - Love Heart Charm
Sterling Silver Heart with the Word Love Scrolled in it.
$ 8.00
Mom Charm - Mom Scroll Heart
Sterling Silver Heart with Scroll Written Mom
$ 8.00
Mom Charm - Mom Heart with Tulips
Sterling Silver Heart Mom Charm with Tulips
$ 10.00
Mom Charm - Bold MOM Heart
Sterling Silver Heart Charm with MOM written in Block Letters
$ 12.00
Heart - NANA Charm
Sterling Silver Heart Charm with NANA and Flower
$ 11.00
Sister - Heart Sister Charm with Flower

$ 12.00
Heart - Small Puff
Sterling Silver Small Puff Heart
$ 8.00
Baby - High Chair Charm
Sterling Silver HighChair Charm
$ 10.00
Honor Student Charm in .925 Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver Honor Student Charm
$ 12.00
Horse Back Riding
Sterling Silver Horse and Jockey Charm
$ 6.00
Horse - Wild Mustang
Sterling Silver Wild Mustang Horse Charm
$ 10.00
Hugs And Kisses Charm
Sterling Silver Hugs and Kisses Charm with X's and O's
$ 7.00
Ice Skate Charm
.925 Sterling Silver Ice Skating Charm
$ 6.00
I Love You Stamp
Sterling Silver I Love You Stamp
$ 9.00
Grandma Charm - I Luv My Grandma Charm
Sterling Silver I LUV MY GRANDMS Charm
$ 8.00
Jazz Charm in .925 Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver JAZZ Charm
$ 6.00
Marriage - Just Married Car Charm
Sterling Silver Just Married Honeymoon Car Charm
$ 8.00
Key Charm
Sterling Silver Key Charm
$ 8.00
Lacrosse Charm
Sterling Silver Lacrosse Charm
$ 10.00
Little Boy - Little Girl Charm
Sterling Silver Little Boy or Little GirlCharm
$ 11.00
Sister Charms - Little Sister - Middle Sister - Big Sister Charm
Sterling Silver Little Sister - Middle Sister - Big Sister Charm
$ 10.00
Little Tiara Charm
Sterling Silver Tiara Charm
$ 6.00
Live Love Laugh Charm
Live Love Laugh Charm in Sterling Silver
$ 8.00
Love Charm - Rectangular Text
Sterling Silver LOVE Charm
$ 6.00
Love Letter
Sterling Silver Love Letter Charm with Two Tiny Hearts
$ 6.00
Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid Charm
Sterling Silver Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid Charms
$ 12.00
Marriage License Charm
Sterling Silver Marriage License Charm
$ 8.00
Mom Charm - Special Mom Charm
Stelring Silver Special Mom Charm
$ 9.00
Mom Charm - Mom Text Charm
Sterling Silver Mom Charm
$ 8.00
Moon And Star Charm
Sterling Silver Moon and Star Charm
$ 6.00
Mother Daughter Two Piece Heart
Sterling Silver Two Piece Heart Charm - 1/2 Mother and 1/2 Daughter
$ 16.00
Mom Charm - We Love You Mother - Charm
Sterling Silver Charm - We Love You Mother
$ 8.00
Musical Note Charm in Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver Music Charms
$ 8.00
Mom Charm - Worlds Greatest Mom Charm
Sterling Silver World's Greatest Mom Charm
$ 10.00
Niece Charm
Sterling Silver Niece Charm
$ 8.00
Nutcracker Charm
Sterling Silver Nutcracker Charm
$ 10.00
Pacifier Charm
Baby Pacifier Charm in Sterling Silver
$ 8.00
Praying Girl Charm
Sterling Silver Praying Girl Charm
$ 10.00
Princess Charm - Simple Text or Scroll
Sterling Silver Princess Charm - Simple Text or Scroll - In Sterling Silver
$ 8.00
Purse / Handbag Charm
Sterling Silver Handbag/Purse Charm
$ 7.00
Puzzle Piece Charm
Sterling Sivler Puzzle Piece Charm
$ 6.00
Rocking Horse
Sterling Silver Rocking Horse Charm
$ 6.00
Rose Charm
Sterling Silver Rose Charm
$ 8.00
Scooter Charm
Sterling Silver Scooter Charm
$ 6.00
Sisters Charm
Sterling Silver Sisters Charm
$ 8.00
Snow Boarding Charm
Sterling Silver SnowBoarder Charm
$ 9.00
Snow Skiing
Sterling Silver Snow Skiing Charm - Ski Poles
$ 8.00
Soccer Ball Charm
Sterling Silver Soccer Ball Charm
$ 9.00
Softball or Baseball Charm in Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver Softball Charm with Bat and Ball
$ 6.00
Soul Mate Heart Charm
Sterling Silver Soul Mate Heart Charm
$ 8.00
Special Friend Letter Charm
Sterling Silver Special Friend Letter Charm
$ 12.00
State Champs Charm
Sterling Silver State Champs Charm
$ 8.00
Sterling Silver Star Charm
Sterling Silver Star Charm
$ 8.00
Star of David
Sterling Silver Star of David Charm
$ 6.00
Statue of Liberty
Sterling Silver Statue of Liberty Charm
$ 8.00
.925 Sterling Silver Sweet 16 Charm
Sterling Silver Sweet 16 Charm
$ 9.00
Sunglasses Charm

Sterling Silver Sunglasses Charm
$ 8.00
Swimmer / Diver Charm
Sterling Silver Swimming Charm
$ 7.00
Dance - Tap Shoes Charm
Sterling Silver Tap Shoes - Two Shoes
$ 10.00
#1 Teacher Charm in Apple Shape
Sterling Silver #1 Teacher Apple Charm
$ 9.00
Sterling Silver Teapot Charm with Opening Lid
$ 12.00
Teddy Bear Charm
Sterling Silver Teddy Bear Charm
$ 10.00
Tennis Racket Charm with Ball
Sterling Silver Tennis Raquet and Ball Charm
$ 8.00
Track Shoe Charm in .925 Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver Track Shoe
$ 8.00
Twin Heart Charm
Sterling Silver TWIN Heart Charm
$ 8.00
USA Charm
USA Charm in Sterling Silver
$ 7.00
Volleyball Charm
Sterling Silver Volleyball Charm
$ 7.00
Water Skier
Sterling Silver Water Skier
$ 8.00
Wedding Bells Charm - Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver Wedding Bells Charm
$ 8.00
Wolf Charm and Crystal Heart Charm
Sterling Silver Wolf Charm and Crystal Heart Charm
$ 14.00
Year Charm - 2007 thru 2016+
Sterling Silver Year Charm - 2007 thru 2014
$ 9.00
Swarovski Austrian Crystal Dangles
Swarovski Crystal Dangles that coordinate with your bracelet style
$ 5.00
Gemstone Beaded Dangles
Natural Gemstones and Glass Pearls in Several Beaded Dangle Styles
$ 5.00
Precious Metal Dangles
Dangles in Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Filled Beads
$ 5.00
Bracelet Extender
Sterling Silver Bracelet Extender with Heart Charm
$ 5.00
Charm Ordering TIPS
To add a charm to your bracelet simply click on the Charm image and go to the Individual Charm Ordering Page. Click "Add to Cart". Click "Back to Store" to continue shopping

If you order a combination of 3 or fewer dangles and charms they will be placed at the clasp of your bracelet.

If you order 3 or more charms or a combination of 4 or more dangles and charms you can specify how you would like the charms and dangles arranged. For example in the details section of checkout enter:
Strand #1 Angel-Dangle-JOHN-Dangle-Cross

If you do not specify how you would like the charms arranged we will arrange them the way we feel looks the nicest.


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